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Covenant MIS


Covenant of the Disciple with the Igreja
Minist้rio Internacional do Salvador (International Ministry of the Saviour Church)


Being led by the spirit of God to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as my one and only Saviour, and being baptized, upon profession of faith, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; as a Member of the Body of Christ, Disciple, and Legitimate Son of the Lord Jesus, I make, solemnly and gladly, in the presence of God and his people, the following Covenant:


I commit myself to, guided by the Word of God and helped by the Holy Spirit:


01 – Be united always, in the love of God, to other brethrens in Christian love (John 13.35);


02 – Work in such a way that my Church and Ministry grow in the knowledge of the Word, in Holiness, in mutual consolation and in spirituality (Eph. 4.12);


03 – Support its services, celebrations and meetings, with my presence, and its doctrines, ordinances and disciplines, with my submission (Mat. 18.15-18);


04 – Being a tither, contributing, regularly and of good will, also with first fruits and offerings, for the maintenance of the ministries, for the expenses of the church, for aid to those less privileged and for spreading the Gospel to every nations (Luke 6.38; Heb. 7.8);


05 – Keep a private devotion (Mat. 6.6);


06 – Avoid and condemn all kinds of habits (1Cor. 6.12; 3.16);


07 – Educate, according to the Bible, every children possible (Prov. 22.6; 23.13; 29.15; Mat. 18.1-5);


08 – Seek the salvation of everybody, beginning with my relatives, friends and acquaintances, inviting them regularly to participate in this church and acting warmth fully with visitors brought by other brethrens (Mat. 28.18-20; 1Tim. 5.8);


09 – Act righteously in all I do, faithful in my commitments and example in my conduct, to avoid bringing shame to the name of my Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 1.28-32; Mat. 18.23-35);


10 – Do my very best in all I do (Mat. 5.48; Col. 3.23);


11 – Avoid and be against every ways of slander, human discrimination, defamation and wrath (Mat. 9.4;Titus 2.7-8; James 4.11);


12 – Have in mind, always, and in everything I do, the expansion of the kingdom of our Saviour Jesus Christ (Mat. 13.1-58);


13 – Besides this, I commit myself to be part of a Multiplication and Evangelistic cell group as well as a Team of Discipleship, and learn to take care of those the Lord trusts me, following the guidance of my Leaders, Pastor and Apostles, according to the Word of God, quickened by the Holy Spirit (Prov. 11.30; Dan. 12.3; John 15.16; 21.17; Acts 5.42; Heb. 13.7,17; Eph. 5.21);


14 – Remember the brethrens in prayer and intercede for those who are away from Jesus (James 5.16);


15 – Help the sick and the needy (Mat. 25.34-36);


16 – Cultivate sincere relationships and always be polite when dealing with everyone (1Cor. 16.14; Eph. 4.2);


17 – Be ready to forgive insults, seeking, whenever it is possible, peace with all (Mat. 6.12; Rom. 12.18);


18 – Finally, I commit myself to remain united to this church and under its guidance, even though I might move to another region, so much so that I might have the same faith, hope and love, and observe the principles of the Word of God and the spirit of this covenant (Heb. 10.25; Acts 15.23-35; Rev. 2.1-29);


19 – I shall be open to exhortations from this Church and even to its discipline whenever it is necessary (Mat. 18.15-18);


20 – May the Lord bless me and protect me to be faithful and sincere until I die (Mat. 25.21; Rev. 12.11);


Remember, if you have not signed this covenant in your heart, there is no point in signing this paper!


If you are not up to dated regarding the covenant, ask your leader!


"Him who overcomes I will make a pillar in the temple of my God. Never again will he leave it. I will write on him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my God; and I will also write on him my new name" (Rev. 3.12).