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Sóstenes Borges de Sousa, is a theologian and post graduate in psychoanalysis. Pastor of Periperi First Baptist Church and Beach Community Baptist Church in Salvador, which are part of the Ministério Internacional do Salvador (International Ministry of the Saviour); his ministerial background was in the Baptist context, was part of the two following Boards Brazilian Baptist Convention and its Counseling Organization; was the Chairman of the Baptist Pastor’s Order in Salvador City, of Salvador Baptist Association and of the Baiana Baptist Convention, twice consecutively in each entity mentioned. He was the mentor of the project to strengthen the teaching of theology in Bahia state, which was the seed for a later recognition by MEC (Official Brazilian Organ of Education) of Northern Baptist Seminary courses. He was ordained an international apostle in Brasília, the capital of Brazil, by the Ap. René de Araújo Terra Nova, in November 2006. He is an international speaker and has served as discipler in different denominations in Brazil and in England.


Lílian Silva Cunha Borges Sousa, studied theology and Religious Education, and has been developing several activities as leader and pastor of Periperi First Baptist Church and Beach Community Baptist Church in Salvador. Was one of the first women pastors in Brazil to be recognized publically by Ap. René de Araújo Terra Nova and Ap. Ana Marita Terra Nova, due to the generation of disciples she raised in her ministry. Along with her husband, she has been discipler of women pastors and leaders in Brazil and in England. She has taken part in several national and international events including Israel, England, United States and Colombia.